Aqua-Spat MIG Welding Anti-Spatter Spray 

Aqua-Spat anti-spatter spray is a water based free rinsing product. Does not contain any silicones that can cause painting problems and is free rinsing and washes off with water based cleaning systems, leaving no residues. Will not harm paint systems. 

 The key to using Aqua-Spat® products successfully is to use as little product as necessary to protect the surfaces. Aqua-Spat® products are waterbased, free rinsing weld spatter releases. “The less you use, the better it works.” 

The water in the product is a carrier, which is meant to deliver protectant to the surface while evaporation away during application or shortly thereafter. A protective coating is left behind to prevent spatter and slag from adhering to the base metal. 

The spatter and slag can be brushed away while the protectant itself will rinse away with ANY water contact. If you over apply Aqua-Spat ® product(s) the water in the product may rinse the protectant away before it has a chance to do its job. 

 When applying Aqua-Spat® product(s) anything that encourages evaporation of water will help optimize the performance of Aqua-Spat® i.e.: heating Aqua-Spat® before applying, heating base metal before applying, atomizing Aqua-Spat®, allowing Aqua-Spat® to mist onto surface, exhaust draft in application area. 

 Aqua-Spat® products can be applied by: spray, brush, dip, mist, fog, pneumatic sprayer ….etc. In order to MAXIMIZE performance you must MINIMIZE the amount of product applied. 
1. Hand Spray bottle: Apply sparingly in the finest atomized state possible. For best results, spray OVER area to be protected and allow product to mist down onto surface. In most cases, ONE pump of a hand sprayer containing Aqua-Spat® NF will be sufficient to protect the area coated. In cases where additional protectant is needed on the surface use Aqua-Spat® NFD, instead of applying additional product. When coating vertical surfaces always start at the top and work down using the same misting technique. 
 2. Automated applications: Use any atomized container, fogger or mister to protect metal surfaces, jigs, fixtures, gun tips and nozzles. For large surface areas a paint gun/pressure pot setup works extremely well. Do not over apply. 
3. Dip: Heat Aqua-Spat® to between 110 Deg. F and 140 Deg. F. Dip part into heated solution, remove slowly and allow surface to “dry”. 
4. Brush: Dip brush in Aqua-Spat®. Apply in one direction, allow surface to “dry”. 
5. MIG Gun tips and nozzles: Spray Aqua-Strip® onto tips/nozzles manually or automatically. The heat on nozzle will evaporate water leaving behind a protective coating. Aqua-spat may be pre-applied to parts and will act as a rust preventative as long as the solution is not washed off the parts.